Do You Have What It Takes to Be A DJ?

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While there’s no shortage of DJs in the world (1.2 million DJs worldwide), there seems to be a great divide between truly talented DJs and those that only think they can DJ, much thanks to the likes of advanced technology. With Traktor and Ableton Live, anyone with a playlist can DJ. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Look at Paris Hilton, for example. If you consider her a good DJ, you clearly have no taste in tunes. AUTO SYNC is a NO NO !

True that there are plenty of DJs that use CDJ equipment over tables and turn out the talent, I’m of the opinion that you’re just not a good DJ if you never started out on tables like the DJs I danced all night to back in the 90s. And maybe that’s harsh, but it truly takes mad skills to be able to work the decks like a pro without trainwrecking and disappointing the crowd.

So many people go out and see DJs and think they can do it too, and with a lot of the equipment out there today, it’s fairly true. But do you have what it takes to be a DJ?

If you’re seriously considering it, you’ll need to practice. Because even if you’re going to DJ your mate’s wedding, you’ll need to be competent at what you do.

Before you invest in expensive equipment, be sure to practice. You can use free software to see if this is for you. Or if you’ve got mates with decks or CDJs, see if they’ll let you check it out. Becoming a known DJ takes a lot of luck and a lot of work. You’ll never get that far if you can’t use the equipment properly. I strongly suggest learning to mix with your ears before you learnt to mix with a laptop screen infront of you!

Next, you’ll need to get gigs. Which is hard if no one knows your name. You’ll have to put yourself out there. That’s what the greats before you did. They pounded the pavement looking for clubs that needed a boost and talked their way into a gig. From there, you can promote the club and promote your gig. The more people that come to see you in action, the better it is for you and the club. And if the club is happy because you’re bringing in more money, then it’s safe to say they’ll want you to keep coming back each week. How ? Make mixes, make social media profile pages, give out mix cds etc! (Yes you may have to do a few free gigs!)

Once you build notoriety, you can branch out to other gigs. But a word to the wise: you may never get this far. If you truly have what it takes to be a DJ, how far you get will never bother you. Of course, it serves as your greatest motivation, however, if you don’t have the love of the beat in your heart, you may as well give it up because a true DJ will live for every moment of being a DJ, even if they never quite become the famed star they hoped to be.

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Posted by MM DJacademy February 17, 2016
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