CDJ Decks vs. Turntables

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“Real DJs use Turntables”  -> Is this true?

If you ask the old school DJs, their opinion is divided. Some are happy with the advances particularly with the new Pioneer CDJs! Others say that the art of DJing has disappeared with the advances in technology.

Let’s look at a few aspects of DJing and see if we can’t determine which is a better tool in the name of music everywhere.

– Mixability

When it comes to mixing, there’s no denying that the CDJ allows for more accuracy in matching beats. You set a number and it’s done. There’s no random variance or potential for mistakes here. But on turntables, that is part of the charm and really demonstrates your skills as a DJ if you can master it effectively in particular scratching!

– Quality

Turntables like Technic 1210s are a solid investment. You can still rule the world with these. They’re built solid and they hold their value. CDJs are fairly sturdy but they just don’t have that solid quality that decks like the Technics have.

– Ability

Scratching your records is MUCH easier on tables. CDJs still allow for scratchability, but it’s so much less stellar than scratching vinyl on a turntable. I like to think of it as virtual reality versus reality. Reality always wins.

– Cost 

Turntables are definitely more affordable. And for new DJs just starting out, it’s probably for the best that you get your feet wet on true tables like the old school DJs before you did. CDJs are considerably larger a financial investment to make.

In addition to these factors though is one of the most important, and that’s personal preference. Indeed, you may find that you favour turntables over CDJs because of the nostalgic feelings it conjures. Or perhaps you favour the CDJs because of their ease of use, making it easy for anyone to become a star DJ almost instantly.

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Posted by MM DJacademy February 17, 2016
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